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ehh I think this is breaking my game

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Previously I had the BG2 Fixpack installed, along with some other mods and had played a character up to ToB but the game wouldn't load the Marching Mountains. It gave me a message that said:


"An Assertion failed in CGameEffect.ccp at line number 1536"


Anyway, I tried using the console to jump around to Amkethran, Sendai's Enclave, and Abazigals lair... and the game exited with the same message each time.


Anyway, So I've reinstalled the game a few times with different combinations of mods and I think it's the fixpack that is causing the problem.... I'm able to jump to those areas until I install the fixpack and then I get the above message.


I'm using a Mac, OSX 10.5.3....


Any idea what part of the fixpack could be causing this?

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If you're installing the fixpack after other mods, it might not be the fixpack. Why don't you post your weidu log?


I seem to recall having a problem entering the Marching Mountains once myself. I don't remember what the problem was, but I seem to remember it as being pretty obscure, perhaps an unlikely mod conflict. Have you tried googling Marching Mountains and seeing what comes up?

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Sorry, I should have clarified- I tried installing various mod combinations all of which produced the same bug, then I just tried an install with only the FixPack, and the error occurred.


I've deleted the game, I'll re-install it again- should I just install the FixPack and post the Weidu log? Or all the mods I normally install, and then post the log?

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The crystal ball suggests that you're using a Version 2-ish fixpack and have the "Giants receive penalties to hit shorties" Optional But Cool component.


Either uninstalling that component (you won't have to to juggle other mods, let WeiDU take care of it) or uninstalling the Fixpack in toto and upgrading to a newer version will take care of it - the former is likely to be easier and will have no effect on your saved games :D

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