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IWD:II UI Question


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Hi, I have just now discovered the Widescreen mod by the bigg and I have to say it is one of the best and most helpful mods the Infinity Engine has had to this day. Who would think that something simple like screen resolution would have such a profound effect on the quality of your gaming experience.


Anyhow, the only question I have is about the Tool Bar at the bottom of the screen on the UI. I run the game in 1280x1024, and it runs perfectly, but in this mode the Tool Bar is not centered and it sits in the bottom left corner of the screen. Is there anyway possible to "center" the Tool Bar, or move it in any shape or fashion?


I appreciate any time that any of you spend on my question. I have a pretty bad case of OCD and things like this have a gigantic effect on my game play, Lol. Thanks again everyone, have fun and stay safe. God Bless and Later Days. =P

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It is surely possible, but this is a rather complex portion of code that I'm reluctant to alter.


I understand. At least I know its possible, =). I am sure you are very busy with other projects and real life, not to mention people bugging you with problems like mine. Anyhow, If you ever intend on releasing a revised version besides what is already planned, it would be awesome if you could stick this fix into it. Anyhow, thanks for the reply bigg. Good luck and have fun. God Bless and Later Days. =P

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