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Woe to you mankind


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CamDawg has been temporarily swallowed whole by RL, but is still working on getting the forums secure after a two week outage/random problems caused (apparently) by the host migrating the server. No farcture that I know of, but definitely server outages!


Great to see you back - tag, you are it! (I'm gone from July 1 - 18 or 21 or something).

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I'm sorry, the cable internet in my new apartment is running on used dental floss rather than coaxial cable.
Ah, the joys of crappy ISPs. But the way this forum is running, a fast connexion isn't going to help you at all. Good thing you don't need internet to code up the rest of L1NPCs and NythTweaks ;).


Edit: Or Fixpack v7. Or is Fixpack a dead mod? :)

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Hi, folks.


Haven't been well; I'll spare you the interminable docudrama of how I've been gracefully conquering illness and imbibing heroic quantities of morphine.


My apologies to everyone who was waiting for me to contribute anything to anything. Fortunately, you all are too smart to wait up :p


I'll stop by now and then if I can.


Keep on packing that fix,


- Beth

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Guest Dirty Uncle Bertie

Nythrun, you don't know me, but I've seen how much you contributed to the community and it's nice to see you back, even if it's only to say "Hi".

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