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Question about one of the Ajantis-Gavin Banters

Ana Christina

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Hi, berelinde. :D


I have a game in which the PC's romance with Ajantis has been disabled via the console since the very beginning for testing purposes. While playing, I have, nevertheless, witnessed this dialogue*, and I thought to ask whether it was supposed to trigger even in those cases in which the romance with Ajantis was inactive?


*For the record, the rest of the dialogue in question can be found here, here, and here, though the screencaps are from a different game.

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Yes, according to the code. Not sure, according to common sense. On the one hand, it does sound jealous. On the other, it is about Ajantis' concern for Gavin's current distractions. I'll probably wind up sticking a romance check in there.

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Thanks for the reply.


It sounded like a jealous banter to me, which is why I pointed it out. Oh, and also because - IIRC - the banter that precludes it (Gavin noticing how Ajantis is attentive towards the PC) did not happen, so it felt a little bit awkward to hear Ajantis mentioning it.


Anyway, whatever you do, I am sure you know best.

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