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IWD:II UI Question


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Greetings everyone, first of all I would like to say that I have tried to find this information myself, as I hate bothering people with personal matters, =P, but I was wondering if possible, could anyone here answer me a few questions regarding the IWD: II UI.


#1. Does anyone know which files contain the code that deals with the tool bar in the main user interface? I am trying to center the tool bar, because when I run the game in higher resolutions, the tool bar is in the bottom left corner, which with my case of OCD, that really bothers me! Lol.


#2. What tools or editors do I need to alter this code?


#3. Are there any tutorials on altering this type of code anywhere?


Once again, if this information can be found somewhere on this site, I greatly apologize for the inconvenience. I am already using the Widescreen Mod v1, so I know everything I need to know when it comes to that. I am pretty new to this kind of thing, so I guess when it comes to modifying the game, I have to start somewhere! Anyway, thanks in advance for your time and help. Stay safe and have fun everyone. God Bless and Later Days. =P

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The GUI is stored in CHU files (positions) and MOS files (images). The bar is guiw10.chu. As for tools, there is no graphical tool that can alter a CHU file "intuitively", all available tools require you to hand-alter the xy coordinates. Near Infinity is what I'd recommend.

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Thanks bigg. Your the best man. Definitely one of the most helpful members here at G3. With your help, I modified the files necessary to fix my little problem. Thanks again for your help. God Bless and Later Days. =P


PS: Glad to see someone with Italian blood here on the forums. Even though I am half, I still feel as though I am full blooded. Maiden name on my side is Molinari. I bet its really nice over there in the boot, a ton better than over here in the US, =P. Anyway, always remember what my Grandmother taught me...


There are two types of people in this world. Italians and people who wish they were Italian. Lol. Anyhow good to meet you friend, hopefully when I get better at this modifying thing, we might work together in the future sometime. Take it easy man, and never lose your love for the IE. =P

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