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Thank You and Expressions of Appreciation and Gratitude


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Just a short note (okay, maybe not so short) to say thank you for this wonderful new game (yes, with this mod, it's more or less a whole new game), and to encourage others to express some gratitude.


I've barely begun playing with this marvelous new toy (I feel like a kid at Christmas!), and I've not even gotten past the palisades in the prelude yet.


I've already restarted 4 times playing 4 different character concepts - as a gamer, my greatest fun is in character building and experimentation, so I'm a terminal restarter!


I am LOVING all the character banter and interaction!


I am already half in love with 'Hilda' (as I call her) after only one interaction where she actually teared up after I showed her even a little kindness!


And, I wasn't going to use Jaemal, since I'm playing mostly arcane casters myself, but since I got a hint here that he can be romanced by a male, (I'm gay, 'hope that doesn't bother anybody), I can't resist adding him to my party and dragging him around (I'm of the 'wizards are next to useless in D&D, and that's MY job' school of thought) just to see if I can get him to fall in love with me!


Pardon me for creating some nicknames for some characters so I can relate to them better - Hilda, Valerie, Nick, and Jamie.


So, bottom line, thank you so much for creating this. I look forward to many, many hours of fun getting to know your character creations.

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You're not going to regret bringing Jaemal. He's definitely one of my favorites in the lineup, though I also adore Sir Nord and Hildury.


And Jaemal's romance... but I don't want to spoil you.


I always felt that pairing a vanilla mage and a sorcerer worked out well. They're a good complement, versatility vs. specialization. If you split your PC's levels between mage and fighter, you'll really be a powerhouse.

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Thank you :D And it's a tradition steeped in ages to give the joinables the nicknames. I refer to Jaemal as Mal half the times, not that he has anything in common with the Captain, but Firefly is ever so pleasent to think about.... And I hope you will like Jaemal's romance. It's my first attempt at writing a gay relationship, and I really hope it will provide a quality experience.

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I've started IWD 2 more than once, but never played far because of the complete absence of henchmen development, whichs cost such a game A LOT ot atmosphere. I still can't understand what the developers were thinking, but this mod adds what should have been there from the beginning. And the mod does so in a very professional way with different and very well made henchmen. It's like a new game - and a very good one that provides more fun than many newer games. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

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Just wanted to add my own vote of thanks here. I've played the vanilla IWD2 a couple of times and found it enjoyable enough, but this gives it a new lease of life. You've created an interesting cast of characters, for certain.

I often play characters not too dissimilar to myself (tough broad-types, typically human fighters) but I wanted to see what all the fuss with Diriel was about so ended up stepping out of my comfort zone and creating a very different sort of female - elven, obviously, but I also had to rationalise that she was young and incredibly naive, because I just can't see a normal sort of woman romancing this elven Dr Mengele. It's not simply that he's a terrible, dangerous racist, but I also found him a bit of a cold fish with his clinical scientific terminology. On the other hand, I didn't find him irritating, although I was slightly disappointed with his romantic epilogue in so far as (spoiler) I was half hoping something nasty would happen to him, as I felt almost bad for leaving the poor girl saddled with such a horrible man! (/spoiler). :laugh:

I also took Nord, Jaemal, Nikosh and Rizdaer (I found Nik's voice a little irritating at the beginning, but ended up quite liking him by the end) and will definitely try the Riz romance in a future playthrough.

I think it's testament to this mod that the moment I finished the game, I started a new one with a male tiefling rogue as the main character, Jaemal as the romantic interest (I like the idea of a tiefling-aasimar romance!) and Salomeya as the foil (I want to see just how nasty she really is!). Nord, Hildury and Valeero provide the muscle for this runthrough. Already I'm finding Nord is better for having Hildy at his side, but then I guess that's the intention.


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because I just can't see a normal sort of woman romancing this elven Dr Mengele. It's not simply that he's a terrible, dangerous racist, but I also found him a bit of a cold fish with his clinical scientific terminology.


My feelings exactly when I decided to not make him romanceable, but the folks really wanted to see how it may turn out, so I gave it my best shot, lol. :laugh:

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Yeah, in my second play through, I came to realize that I really like Prachi. Too bad that monks are so weak, and too bad that she's not romanceable. Though, my least favorite character now is Peony. I went ahead with the romance with her (much to Salomeya's disdain), and well... she's "cute", but I guess I just don't like gnomes. You gotta wonder how some characters like Peony manage to survive to adulthood.


Really, fantastic work Domi. Again.

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Heh, my male rogue is now being fought over by Salomeya and Jaemal, but the lovely bard will be disappointed.

I do think it's a pity that, in the conversation where Nord asks you what you did to annoy your father, there isn't an option for "well he caught me at it with the stable boy so he's hoping you'll make me more of a man, Sir Nord." :laugh:

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