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Effect #96: Level Change


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I'm working on a fix for BG1Tutu (might possibly be just a mac problem). Currently players create characters at level 7, which is a bit steep for BG1. I thought that setting the level to 1 would work (and it does for single classes) but multi-class characters end up with level 1/7 or something similiar. Is there a way of using this effect to change secondary class levels or is there another way of going about this?

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As far as I know, the level change opcode cannot be used to change secondary/tertiary levels. Which sucks. I have tried and tested with it, but found not way to do it - though feel free to try yourself, I may have got something wrong.


As for BG1Tutu, yes, I believe the .exe is patched.


Edit: You may be able to use the unbounded opcode (scripting state modify) to alter level2 and level3 stats.ids entries, which should change the secondary/tertiary levels - but, iirc, it will either set whatever you change to 0 or 1. Or it may not work at all.

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@Andyr & igi

You're both correct about the Level 1 thing. I know it can be done by patching the .exe, but apparently no one knows how to do it. I'm just looking for a "within-the-boundaries" way of accomplishing the same thing.



Do you think you could explain to me a little more about that effect? In IESDP, it says it modifies stats from 155 and up. What do you mean by unbounded? The LEVEL2 and LEVEL3 stats are 68 and 69, respectively. Setting the level(s) to 0 is what I actually want, so if I can do that with this effect, that would be great.

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Patching the .exe is relatively simple, you just change the value from the default to your new value. I can get you the offset in the .exe, to change, and then you could weidu to change the value. I am not sure if the offset is in the same place in the windows and mac .exe files though.


As for the scripting state opcode, it is supposed to alter the 10 scripting state stats, but it is unbounded, so you can alter stats other than those 10. However, it is not supposed to be unbounded, so it can only set the other stats it can access to 0 or 1 (you cant control this, odd stats are set to 0, even stats to 1, or vice versa, I cant recall). However, if LEVEL2 and LEVEL 3 are #68 and #69, and the description says it only alters #155+, then it's useless anyway. So ignore it :groucho:

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Ok, now I feel stupid...I didn't even think of Weidu doing this for me! Guess I should have, seeing as it's Weidu at work putting this mod together. Of course, Weidu strips the files of the resource fork that is so precious to Mac users. I don't know if this will change it's functionality or not, but I'll test it and find out.


As for the scripting state opcode, that's what I thought about it, I was just hoping it somehow allow for lower # stats. At least there's hope for the patching method.

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@BG1Tutu Mac-users

I figured out a solution and the patch for Mac SOA is now available at my website.  You can get it in the downloads section.  You will need to have Weidu installed already to use this, so pick it up in the Weidu section of the Adventurer's Spa & Grill.  The TOB patch is disabled until I can find out the offset it uses for starting experience.  Once I get that info, I will post a message here to let everyone know that it's available for download.

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