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Mazzy Quest Problem

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Hi. I'm doing Mazzy's quest (her sister is poisoned), and it looks like my game has thrown a cog. I have TOB (patched) installed, with the fixpack (v6, I think) and a pre-WeiDU mod that alters Grand Mastery. I'm using Vista, which might be the issue.


Anyway, after I kill the corrupt Cleric (named Barl) responsible for the poisoning Mazzy is supposed to find a potion. She never does, and if I talk to the Cleric's overseer again he acts as though this is the first time I talked to him (he restarts that portion of the quest). The dialogue is broken, though, and gets caught in an infinite loop: he says the same thing over and over again, unless I'm rude at which point he threatens to call the guards and breaks off the dialogue. Other relevant characters have broken dialogue, too.


I opened up the file in Shadow Keeper. These variables look like they are relevant:






PALACURECRAPSHIT 1 (love that name...)

PALADEAD [some large integer]


(Barl is the name of the corrupt Cleric responsible for the poisoning, and Pala is Mazzy's sister.)


I tried creating the antidote (item MISC7D, "Barl's Antidote"), but nothing changed.


I don't know if this is relevant, but I had a similar (but non-questbreaking) error with Garren Windspear's son. After I released him he didn't respond until I left the room and re-entered. I did this right before Mazzy's quest.

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It sounds to me an awful lot like string corruption, as one would get installing mods while an editor/the game were running. Though I don't know that BG Fixpack deals much with these dialogues so I'm not sure why they'd be corrupt.


Posting your WeiDU log will be helpful when someone with more technical knowhow than me shows up. :)


It could well be the Vista thing though, is your BG2 installed under the Program Files directory?

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