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Reputation bug

Guest Tobias

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Guest Tobias



I just recently re-installed BG2 after getting a new computer(compulsive disorder, always have to re-play BG2 when getting a new computer) and I decided to install several mods that seemed interesting to me.


Now the funny thing happen that whenever I recieve 1 point of reputation for any deed I do, I shortly thereafter recieve a -2 penalty to reputation. My current mod-installation is as follows(named in the correct order of installation):



Unfinished business v16

D0Questpack v23

Dungeon crawl v4

Dungeon be gone v16


Picks of the litter portraits v2

Amaureas bg2 portraits v1


NPC flirtpack v102







Beyond the Law



Kitanya + wizardslayer bugfix






Imoen Romance

Crossmod banterpack





Romantic Encounters


Shadows Over Soubar



One thing of interest might be that I got the same error my previous installation with the following mod in it and not now: Weidu tactics v24


Also I did not have Ascension, Assassinations, Romantic Encounters and Shadows Over Soubar that time around.


Any assistance will be appreciated as to what might be causing this.


Only time I have noticed my party NOT recieving a reputation penalty is if a non-party member kills Yasraena. Then my party actually gains 2 reputation. For example, I just run into a group of enemies and try to kill as many of them as possible with her. Then when she dies, I get 2 rep and can go finish the monsters off.

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Guest Tobias

Also, I have noticed that as soon as a custom NPC joins my party, the dialogue for kicking them out triggers, and if I later kick them out that dialogue does not trigger.


And I just tried to kill Yasraena now, and I still gained the 2 rep even if my party did all the damage.


Running the game on a vista ultimate system.

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It would be handier if you posted your WeiDU log instead of just a list of mods, so that we know which components of the listed mods you have installed.




This looks to be the only mod you have installed that's linked to reputation. It absolutely needs to be installed dead last in your order (and is the cause of your NPC kickout problem).

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Guest Guest

I made a fresh installation without the Virtue-mod this time and it seems to work. Thank you.


Also in my ignorance I seem to have installed a Baldurash ToB fixpack the first time around, and my second time I only deleted the override directory and replaced the chitin.key, dialogue, ini and exe files.


Not sure if that uninstalled that fix or if it caused any troubles. Deleted it all-together now either way.

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