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CoM: Ninafer Version 1.02 Released

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Version 1.02 of Ninafer has been released. A few fixes and some alterations have been made to this mod.


Ninafer is a LN Fighter/Mage who will join your party to see the world. She has many banters with fellow NPCs and your character. She will romance Anomen if he is not involved in your character. Below is what has been done to this latest version.




Altered the last banter between Ninafer and Anomen in ToB. Their romance is under way. :D

Added more interjections. Also altered some of the dialogs as well.

Added more information on her background that was lacking in the last release.




Redid some of her Global settings in regards to her dialogs and her script file.

Fixed some scripting errors.

Fixed some spelling and grammar errors.





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