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[BG2] - Effects #22 and #133: Luck


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Luck really seems to be the über effect in BG2. Besides adding to the hit rolls and the minimum damage of the affected creature, luck also reduces the enemy's dice rolls by the specified amount. However, this only seems to affect non-physical damage types i.e. fire, cold etc. So, in practice, luck won't reduce the enemy's short sword damage roll but it will reduce it's Fireball damage roll.


Here's an example: make an item which grants 5 luck and equip it on a character. Then, lower the character's saving throws to 20 and have a 10th level mage cast a Fireball on him (or just use Fireball scrolls which are set to cast at 10th level). The mage will always do exactly 10 damage (5 + 5) because he's now rolling 10d1 on his dice i.e. 10x(6-5). As soon as you unequip the luck-granting item the damage returns to normal. Both effect #22 and effect #133 seem to confer this. As noted above, it appears that physical damage is unaffected, however, if a weapon deals elemental damage via dice roll (i.e. BLUN35.ITM) then the elemental damage roll will be affected.

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Also, if you give a creature negative luck (say -5) it will affect the spell dice rolls if its opponents in a positive way.


For example, the abovementioned 10th level Mage casting a Fireball on a creature with -5 luck would always do exactly 60 damage (30 + 30).

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The luck modifier is not limited to elemental damage but will affect any spell damage (and probably any effect damage whether from items or spells). I noticed this when the piercing damage from the Flame Arrows that Firebead Elvenhair cast at my character kept doing 6 damage. I then changed the fire damage to crushing and slashing to confirm that luck would also modify physical damage from outside extension headers.

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