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Question About Romance Coding


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Help! - Coran, Ajantis, and Gavin are driving me crazy with their constant need to talk to me!


Sometimes I just want to explore maps and play the game!


My question is this - I know I can use player-initiated dialogue to tell them to stop flirting, but, I don't want to permanently stop the romance paths, just delay them. Sometimes I'm in the mood for it, and sometimes not.


If I go into the dialogue window and tell them to stop flirting, does that insert a code that permanently kills the ronance path(s), or can I go back in later and start it all back up when I'm ready to deal with it?


Part of it is just that I haven't made up my mind which one of the amorous gentlemen I want to encourage, but they're already getting pushy, especially Coran, who is outrageously aggressive and is giving me hints that he's losing interest. (I'd go ahead and sleep with him, but I'm pretty sure that would kill all chances of getting to know Ajantis and Gavin better.)


Thanks for any help.

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As far as i know, the flirting with Coran can be stopped via the player initiated dialogue (PID), which has no influence on the romance. As for Gavin, better ask in Gavin forum. Ajantis doesn't have the usual random flirts, so if he is too talkative, I am afraid that is his normal lovetalks. What romance timer did you install? Maybe change it to 1 1/4 hours (if you haven't already), then they will initiate less dialogues per time and your PC will have more time to chose.

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I can't answer for Ajantis, Coran, or Xan, but I can answer for Gavin. If you tell him to stop flirting with you, he will stop flirting with you. When you want him to start again, you can tell him so. This won't stop the actual lovetalks, but you can delay them by choosing another dialogue option. All you have to do is tell him you want some solitude. When you want him to start talking again, you can tell him that you've had enough quiet.


To get him to stop flirting:

~Gavin, would you mind not flirting with me so much?~


To get him to start again:

~Gavin, if you want to flirt with me more, that's all right with me.~


To get a respite from the lovetalks:

~Gavin, I still want to be your friend, but I need some solitude right now.~


To resume them:

~Gavin, I'm feeling better, now, and don't need quite so much solitude.~


To end the relationship completely:

~Gavin, I hope you aren't getting the wrong idea. We're just friends, right?~ (early)

~Gavin, can we just be friends?~ (later)

~Gavin, I'm sorry, but I want to end our relationship.~ (committed)

~Gavin, I'm sorry, but I don't love you anymore.~ (committed)


To restart the relationship (may only be attempted once):

~Can we start over?~

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