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for those who use zonealarm


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If you haven't done yet, don't install kb951748 (or uninstall zonealarm, or lower its security settings to medium).

Current zonealarm and the abovementioned windows security update will kill all your tcp connections (in other words: breaks your internet tubes).

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My IT guy sent it back with AVG installed instead.
Two different things. One's a personal firewall, the other antivirus software. You need the firewall far more than the AV. I've been running with Sunbelt Free Firewall and ClamWin AV for a while without any issues. ZoneAlarm and the free AVs (and even the paid ones) got a bit too boggy for me some time ago.
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The DNS security update seems to be quite critical. (All major parties involved decided to play nicely together, which is extremely rare.)


So does this mean that a future update would grant me permission to use the high security on ZoneAlarm again?

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