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Guest Aruwi

Hello there. Been installing everything I need now to go through BG1, (Tutu) but

I have a question about this Shapeshifter fix in TweakPack. What makes me not wan't to install it is that it feels too overpowered. I don't want to be able to use it more than what the rules say, and with this mod I can use it as much as possible. Sure I could just not equip the paws, but it's annoying ^^


And I can't really play without this mod since there are some bugs without it, right?

Like not immune to normal weapons in werewolf form, as i should be, correct?


So, are there any mods that will make the Shapeshifter as it should be, without being able to go werewolf more than normal?




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I would suggest you Refinements' shapeshifters component. At the moment it offers the best solution to fix vanilla's bugs and also is much more balanced than Weimer's one that can be found in the Tweak Pack.


The only drawback I'm aware of is that it may slightly slow down the game on old computers...

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