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I miss banters :f

Guest Finrod Felagund

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Guest Finrod Felagund

Heya and first soooo big thanks for sites =) and second, sooo big sorry for my bad english =(



So i stardet BGtutu 5 days ago. I installed bg1, + Tales of the sword coast + bg2. Then easytutu. Then i download The BG1 NPC Project

from http://www.gibberlings3.net/downloads/..


First chapters, 1 & 2 was sooo funny, Kivan told me stories about his homeland and wife all the time, Imoen asked silly questions etc etc. Those chat times came very very often, about 1-2 at one hour. Now i have continue playing and today i finished chapter 3, and whole that time Kivan didn't start chat with me. Neither Ajantis, neither Imoen, neither Jaheira, neither Minsc. Few times Jaheira and Misnc have chattin togeter. Few days ago Ajantis and Imoen talked about love and things like that, Kivan talked about stars whole the time etc... Now nothing.. Only some new chat things came, when we went to new place, like bandit camp , then Kivan said that he need to pray.


So i thou,, what happened,, ? have i "shutdown" or somehow quit that "banter-regulation" or something.. I have waited and waited, but there is none little chattin anymore, only some new things in some quest or after some dream etc. I hope that someone can help me with this situation, game isnt the same game if Kivan and Imoen doesnt ask me anything..



Ye and now i can talk to them, but there is always those same question, like

What's wrong Imoen, What is our best course Ajantis, What do you like my leadership Jaheira, "tell me about more yourself and those basic questions, always pretty much i get back short basic answer. And no one "start" conversation with me anymore.. they probably just hate me -.-


Big thanks if someone can help me with this. Smiley


p.s And i never answered "bad" answers when between talks..


p,s and more thanks if u say where is scimitar +1 :)

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I am not sure - did you use the banter accelerator or something?


You won't find a scimitar +1 in unmodded Tutu. You will if you install "exotic items" from BG2 Tweaks or the Lost Items mod (see the Tutu mod list in my signature).

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First of all, it is a sad fact that there are not many good scimitars in either Tutu or BG2. Sorry, but I don't think they caught on. You'll find longswords by the score and even a few decent two-handed swords, but not scimitars or katanas. That's a pity, because I prefer to hand Jaheira a scimitar. (Actually, since I don't much care for Jaheira, I'd rather hand it to her point first, but that's another story.)


Based on your party composition, I think you've run out of unscripted banters. Kivan will still have some more things to say as you progress through his quest to find justice for his wife's murder. Imoen will chime in every now and again, especially if you let her keep Tarnesh's spellbook. But there are only so many banters for any given party. The way to get more banters is to get different NPCs. There are still plenty. If you want someone who never shuts up, there's always Garrick.


You could always try recruiting some new NPCs and letting them banter for a while. Since you have Minsc, what happened to Dynaheir? She's good for a fair amount of banter, and with your male PC, you could even have a romance with her. Since Dynaheir was written by the same person that wrote Kivan, Domi, I suspect you're going to like her dialogue, too.


She's my favorite NPC in BG1, I think, with her independent attitude and subtle sense of humor. And as far as I'm concerned, her romance is far and away the best of any of the romanceable females.

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