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About the planned NPC's


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Currently planned NPCs are:


- Elai: LE male shadovar thief (shadow dancer)

- Kivan: CG male wood elf ranger (default: archer, optional: bowslinger, tracker)

- Jaina Harpson: LG female human paladin (default: cavalier, optional: harmonious knight)

- Tahlemar Ael'reth: LN male half-moon elf fighter/mage (eldritch knight)

- Thorguk: N half-ogre barbarian


I know Kivan so will they others have as detailed and interesting backstories? and voices. i usually end up making my own paladin andfighter/mage, and also writing their own bios. those two characters seem really interesting to me, not that the others arent interesting, i think ill just prefer these two more.


and maybe the barbarian, never really tried that class, usually go with a Half Orc Berserker.


the thief sounds interesting too. i like the swashbucker and assassin, how will the shadovar thief differ from these classes, what similarities will there be?

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Backstory is always one of the main things I concentrate on when creating characters (which I've done in various pieces of fiction as well as for BG2 projects.


Elai isn't my character, but I know that Andyr has created a very interesting back story for him. He's a native of the city of Shade, a city until recently thought destroyed over two millenia ago; in fact, it had journeyed to another plane of existence, the Shadow Plane (more info is available in various pnp Forgotten Realms sourcebooks). His reasons for being in Amn are explored in several quests, including a very lengthy one that sees you travelling to a series of unique areas created specifically for Elai.


Jaina hails from the Amnian city of Crimmor and is a member of the Harmonious Order, a small order of paladins who worship the god Milil, god of poetry, song, and eloquence. When you meet her, she is on a pilgrimage, and her first quest is to reach her destination. The other quest I have planned for her involves a mysterious bard, who played an important role in her past. Ideally I'd like to include Crimmor and its inhabitants - including many people who know and would therefore interact with Jaina - in LoI, but creating an entire city is a *lot* of work, and we've already another one planned for the mod.


Tahlemar comes from a small village on the outskirts of the Moonwood, a forest located just south of the Spine of the World mountains, far to the north. He is a member of the Eldritch Knights, a group of warrior mages formed centuries ago to defend the savage north from orcs and goblins. At first his reasons for being in Amn are unclear, but his mission will gradually be revealed, and will turn out to be strongly connected to one of the main new quests in LoI.


Thorguk comes from a tribe native to the Shining Plains, a vast grassland east of Amn. His monstrous heritage always made him feel like an outsider amongst the otherwise purely human tribe, and consequently he decided to set out to find his place in the world when still a young boy. He ended up spending several years with a tribe of wemics, centaur-like creatures with humanoid upper bodies but the lower bodies of lions. Though never truly trusted by these beings, he developed a strong devotion to their god, Nobanion. Seeking to become closer to his deity, he recently undertook a vision quest, the outcome of which led him to heading westwards.



EDIT: Just noticed you also asked about voices. I'll be searching for a voice actress for Jaina once I get more dialogue done (which I have been meaning to do for absolutely ages now). As the character is a follower of the god of poetry and music, whoever does her voice will need to have a good singing voice, and be adept at reading poetry. Fortunately the IE community is blessed with many talented females, so hopefully this shouldn't be too much of a tall order.


It's not actually certain whether Tahlemar and Thorguk will ever be included in the mod, but if they two I plan to voice at least one of them myself. Probably Tahlemar, as I don't envy my throat at having to put on a half-ogre voice :). I'll also be voicing the "mysterious bard" in Jaina's quests, which will include me murdering at least one song :D.


As for the other two characters, I can't really speak for them as they're not mine. There's an active thread about Kivan's voice actor in the Kivan forum, so you should check that out if you're interested. I do vaguely recall Andyr talking about an Eldath voice actor; I'll have to check through the posts in the Elai forum sometime.

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Sorry. Half Ogre. he still sounds interesting. might be a nice change from the usual Half Orc, powerhouse that dominates my frontlines.





i never really got half Orges, Half Orcs i get and Ogrillions i get. but Half Orges. Iget what they are but never why or how they are what they are.


i suppose a half orge would be much the same as a half orc, orges living in close contact with humans, much better than the other way.

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