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Playing Planescape torment on a mac

Guest dave

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I just found my copyof torment and would love to play it again but i only have macs now. i know some people have been able to get this working for osx i have searched the internet for ways to do this but no luck. so i found this web site and i saw that there is a patch on here to download that has an osx version.

so i was hoping some of you on here could get me going in the right dirction for getting this to work.


thanks for any help

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Sorry but Planescape: Torment never made it to Macs. The download you mentioned is just the people here at G3 being overzealous. The simplest option is to use Boot Camp from Apple and run PS:T on Windows. You can also buy a virtual machine system (Parallels or VMWare Fusion) to run PS:T on MacOSX.

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