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Ideas for a new npc

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I had a dream last night, a dream of Baldur's gate, my first. It was rathr vivid and revolved around an npc bearing the form of a ghast (although he could be any undead as long as his appearance is particularly hideous).

The below will be a mixture of my dream and ideas, I have absolutely no experience in modding.


You meet him at night, maybe wandering in the graveyard or in the slums? He will not be hostile so you can converse with him or kill him, your choice. I will refer to him as a ghast even though he is not like them at all. He will have no memory of his previous life and will ask for help, he joins the party. You will find a ring in his inventory, a ring with an obscure symbol. The Ghast cannot wear weapons or armour but has ability scores and hitpoints to compensate. He is effected by turn undeads and all other undead spells (if that's possible). The undead has an unknown alignment and his own portrait. He will start off with an evil ideaology but will change his ways as you advance in the quest.

After sleuthing around, you will eventually find out that the ring is worn only by members of an exclusive cult worshipping an obscure God of the undead and that the Ghast in your party was a chaotic evil member. He wronged them and was cursed by his deity to have his soul mutated and forced to spent all eternity feasting on the living. You uncover the location and meet the high-priest. She mocks the Ghast and charname is forced to bargain with her to cure the Ghast. She states that she will agree if your party can destroy the might of the deity (who's extremely weak compared to other god's) undead followers. The priests surrounding her reveal themselves to be varying types of undead. If the party defeats them, then the Ghast is cured, if the party dies then they shall become like him. After doing so, you demand that the Ghast be cured but the High-Priest refuses, stating that they haven't defeated the final undead follower, herself. Her illusion is dispelled and she is revealed to be a powerful Lich. Destroy her. The God fades from existence after losing all followers. His magic fades and the Ghast is finally cured. He recalls his previous life, his evil ways. He becomes confused and asks Charname for guidance. Whether to continue being evil and continue to be in the party (evil alignment), be destroyed for his acts, leave and figure out by himself or to repent (good alignment) or to stay in the party to figure out, forming his own new personality (Neutral). He now has a new portrait, a new alignment, is now a regular human cleric (with relatively high ability scores) and loses all undead bonuses and penalties. Take him to the temples to make him either a cleric of Lathander, Talos, Helm or a mod cleric kit. His banters depend on your guidance choices and can romance any female as long as they share his alignment.


I apologise for my poor spelling, grammar and organization.

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