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Known Bugs/Issues & Hotfixes


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Note: these hotfixes shouldn't be applied on a 2.9 version!


I'll attach here hotfixes for SR V2. The files are collected in the appropriate sub-folders, thus you can simply unzip the attachments in your main BG folder (you know you've done it correctly because it should ask about overwriting some older SR's files in the spell_rev folder).


Known Bugs


These fixes requires to (re)install SR to be effective.


Fire Trap: wasn't working. Sorry. :)

Free Action: SR's Grease on top of slower movement rate may cause the target to fall unconscious, and this wasn't taken into account by Free Action.

Incendiary Cloud: its blinding effect was bypassing magic resistance.

Shapeshifts & Shapechange: some innates abilities to polymorph were permanent until used.


Known Issues


If SR is installed mages will automatically learn every scroll they read (as per Tweak Pack's component), the following file will revert learn failure rate back to vanilla's values. This fix doesn't require to reinstall if you already had, just put the "restored/fixed" intmod.2da file into the override folder

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level 4 druid spell call woodland being doesn't work. It goes through the casting animation but nothing happens afterwards.
Damn, there's a typo in the 'setup-spell_rev.tp2' file. dvnymph.eff is erroneously called dvnymph.cre.


There are two possible way to fix it:


1) if SR is already installed just put the dvnymph.eff (found in the attachment. or in SR's sppr4## folder) into the override folder in the main BG folder


2) If you have to install just copy the fixed 'setup-spell_rev.tp2' (found in the attachment) over the old one before installing


Thanks for reporting it, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have the same issue as well. Perhaps it's a forum moderator related thing? I recall having troubles with attachments before.
I have the same as well.
Too bad. I'll ask cmorgan, it does seems strange considering the previous attachment worked well. :fish:


In the meanwhile there's an easy way to fix it without the attachment, it's not even necessary to download the attachment to fix the only current bug.


Just copy the dvnymph.eff file from SR's "sppr4##" folder and paste it into the Override folder.

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Your ingame tool "adscroll" removes barkskin from druid spell list.
That's not a bug, as stated in the readme at your next level up everything will be just fine. In the future I may perfectionate the scroll to detect if the character is a cleric or druid, right now (as it was in ADPack) it just removes the spells to both classes, but when leveling up druids permanently regain it, while clerics won't have it anymore. :fish:


P.S Sorry, once again I was editing a post instead of replying to it. It seems I'm not accustomed at all at having the button "edit post" right there! :O

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The link doesn't seems to work - it gives me an errorpage...
I know sorry, but I can't do anything about it at the moment...attachments seem to not work properly, cmorgan is investigating on it. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience. :fish:


In the meanwhile as I say in the first post:


THERE'S NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE, you already "have the hotfix" because it's just a file that doesn't get copied from 'spell_rev/sppr4##' into the 'Override' folder.


After installing SR just copy the dvnymph.eff file from spell_rev/sppr4## folder and paste it into the Override folder.

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I encountered a couple more problems, hoping this is the right place:

-the bhaal innate ability "Cure light wounds" is not the same of his SR's counterpart: it heals always 8 HP, has longer casting time and if I am not mistaken the casting sound is the one of arcane, not divine, necromancy.

-Gust of wind doesn't work. When an area of effect spell is cast, and then removed via Gust of wind, the cloud's animation disappears, but the damage from the cloud continues (as in cloudkill, for example)

-After installing SR, the chanche of scribing scroll for all arcane casters is set to 150% regardless of the difficulty settings (is this intended? I am not so sure about this one)


Hope this helps

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