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Hostile Elhan at the start of Chapter 6

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I have SOA + TOB, patched to 26498. I have the following mods installed - BG2 Fixpack v6, BG2 Tweaks v6, Imoen Romance v1.201, Under-Represented Items v5, Item Upgrade v37, and Romantic Encounters v3. I've got an issue and I'm not sure if it's a bug with the Fixpack or another mod. However I noticed that the v6 changelog lists Elhan's Elves Turning Hostile (And Not) Inappropriately was overriding the wrong scripts so I figured it was a likely suspect. Thought I'd post here and see if anyone had encountered the same thing (tried a search and didn't turn up anything).


My PC is a male Fighter. In my party I have Minsc, Viconia, Imoen, Edwin, and Nalia. I have just reached the very beginning of Chapter Six - where you leave the Underdark via the temple and get hauled over to the elven war camp to be interrogated. This is where you first meet Elhan. After the interrogation ends and the mages cast the geas on Viconia, Elhan attacks the party. This triggers the insta-death "we warned you not to attack" routine.


At first I thought it might be an item issue. I had the Cloak of Mirroring equipped and I thought this might be reflecting the geas spell and causing the elves to go hostile (although I had played through this scene countless times before with the Cloak using pre-G3 versions of some of the fixes with no problems). So I tried unequipping all items and even booting Viconia out of the party beforehand to avoid the geas altogether but Elhan still attacked at the end of the conversation.


On further attempts, I noticed that Elhan was actually hostile as soon as you entered the interrogation scene. Before he speaks to you there is a general, General Savalidaas, that has a few lines. In the second between when you enter the scene and the dialogue window pops up, you can see Elhan go hostile (i.e. red circle). You are then stuck in conversation first with the general and then with Elhan which pauses the game (thanks to BG2FixPack). As soon as the convo ends, Elhan attacks and the PC is insta-killed. I thought maybe the Romantic Encounters mod might be screwing with things seeing as it has an Elhan romance for female PCs, but uninstalling it makes no difference - Elhan is still hostile.


Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?

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Found the problem. I'd had Party AI enabled. When entering the temple and running into the elves vs drow battle, one of my mages cast Ice Storm. That aggro'd the elves and they all turned hostile. I guess Elhan was psychic and was out for blood. Not sure if that counts as a bug or not. Anyway, I was able to bypass it by going back to an earlier save. Elhan remains friendly if you don't attack aggro the elves in the temple.

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