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Widescreen mod = green bar on bottom when selecting party members

Guest Wyvern

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Guest Wyvern

Lo everyone,


This is my first post and i must begin with saying that this mod is an extraordinary piece of work.


Thank you for this.


But ... (always a "but" eh ?) i have a small problem that really annoys me.


If i select a party member, it doesnt matter how : Click and drag, just select portrait or

select the person directly, i get a green bar at the bottom of the screen in the area where all your text comes.


If i remove the hud, enlarge the text area, or just take the cursor and go over the bar it dissapears.


The mod works great otherwise, but since you select members constantly , the bar is always there.


Is there a way to remove it ?

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Guest Wyvern

Hmmmm .... i knew i forgot something important ;p


Right, sorry for that, i was playing Baldurs Gate with the Tutu mod.


So my install is :


BG + TotsC + latest patch

BG 2 + TOB + latest patch (non beta)

EasyTutu (latest) + degreenifiër-v4 + tutu tweakpack


Mods on Tutu install are : BG Gui + BG1 NPC's

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Guest Wyvern
Did you install the patch from here?




Just reïnstalled all (took a backup of my previous install) then saw your post.


I reïnstalled the TutuGui with the patch you mentioned and then reapplied the widescreen fix.


But i did it all on the old install i had.


And it seems it works like it should :)


Thank you very much for your help.

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