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EasyTuTu Improved multiplayer Kick Out Dialogue Improvements.


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In the party tutorial session in Candlekeep, when I want to leave, I leave, and tehy leave my party, which commences the Kick Out Dialogue, and I may tell them to wait at the FAI, where they do.


I can then command their resources and higher levels straight from the keep.



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This is a known loophole they never bothered closing. If you don't like it, don't exploit it :).


As for "higher levels," I think their highest CREs are level 2 or 3. But it makes you wonder why they went made extra CREs for them past level 1. I think they were all unfinished NPCs they threw in at the last minute. The whole Obe's thing is kind of forced, and it looks like it was drawn in at the last minute too.


Would actually make a cool mod if someone gave them dialogue and a reason for being around Obe's and appearing somewhere else later. Arkanis and Deder do appear later, but not to much purpose.

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Fixed in v8 by marking the training area as a place that won't give the option to meet up at the FAI.


Side note: with or without this component installed, I'd strongly recommend not entering the warehouse if you have a party with multiplayer-created characters.

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