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Druid and Fighter Kit ideas

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Master of the spirit world, the spirit shaman follows a different divine tradition than the druid, or even cleric. Her world is filled with powerful, living spirits, some helpful and some malign. By bargaining with these spirits, the spirit shaman gains power over the natural world and mighty divine magic with which to aid her comrades or smite her enemies. Creatures that are considered spirits include elementals, faeries, genies, liches, mephits and shadows.



- 1st level: Spirit Guide, Detect invisibile creatures 1/day

- 2nd level: Chastise Spirits, Deal 1d6 per level in 30ft radius against spirits*, save vs. spells for half. Gains use at every fourth level starting from 1st level. At 16th level this will also function as dispel magic at targets.

- 3rd level: Detect Spirits, All spirits* in large radius glow in blue 1/day

- 4th level: Blessing of the Spirits, +2 AC and +2 to all saves.

- 5th level: Follow the Guide, bonus/immunity vs. mind-affecting

- 6th level: Ghost Warrior, ignore concealment/invisibility/blind penalty

- 7th level: Warding of the Spirits, 1/day +2 to AC and saves for 10 mins (in area radius).

- 9th level: Spirit Form, 1/day Blur for 5 rounds. 2/day at 15th level, 3/day at 20th level, 4/day at 25th level and 5/day at 30th level.

- 11th level: Recall Spirit, 1/day Raise dead

- 17th level: Spirit Journey, 1/day Shelter/Sanctuary for two turns (20 rounds)

- 19th level: Favored of the Spirits, if HP = 0, automatically gains full health. 1/day

- 20th level: Spirit Who Walks, 10% resistance to all physical damage and +3 saves vs. petrification/polymorph. Gain infravision permanently.



- Cannot shapechange

- Does not gain immunity poison and elemental resistance at high levels

- Some of the abilities works only against spirits*


*) The creature races that are considered as spirits are: elementals, faeries, genies, liches, mephits and shadows.







LORD OF CHAOS (Fighter Kit):

An evil and cruesome warrior, blessed by goddess Loviatar the Maiden of Pain. He/she is granted an ability call a magical blade, the blade answer to no-one else, but its true wielder, Lord of Chaos and the sword grows in power with its master. He/she only true goal is to cause pain and suffering to please the goddess, so he/she can get more powerful and feel the power of his/her beloved sword, better known as Chaosblade.



- 1st level: Summon Chaosblade*

- 3rd level: Power of Chaos***

- 4nd level: Chaoic Blow**

- 5th level: Hunger of Chaos****



- Must be evil

- Cannot use shields or ranged weapons

- Generally very weak without Chaosblade


*) Chaosblade:

A runed black two-handed sword, better known as The Chaosblade. This sword is the weapon of the Lord of Chaos, the blood hungry warrior without mercy. Lord of Chaos may summon his sword at command. It is said, that the black blade feeds itself from its poor victims' blood and grows stronger and stronger.


An eerie red glow surrounds the sword and no other than its master dares touch the wicked blade.


Level Magic Damage Thac0 Bonus

1-2 - 1d10+1 - Indestructible

3-4 +1 1d10+1 +1 Power of Chaos***

5-6 +1 1d10+2 +1 Hunger of Chaos****

7-8 +2 1d10+3 +2 Great Power of Chaos***

9-12 +3 1d10+4 +3

13-16 +3 1d10+5 +3 Strong Power of Chaos***

17-20 +4 1d10+5 +4 Strong Hunger of Chaos****

21-24 +5 1d10+5 +5

25-28 +5 1d10+5 +5 True Power of Chaos***

29- +5 1d10+5 +5 True Hunger of Chaos****


Lord of Chaos may summon the blade 1/day for 1 turn per level of the character.


**) Chaotic Blow

- Lord of Chaos' next strike will deal extra 1 point of magic damage per character. 1/day at 4th level, 2/day at 14th level and 3/day at 24th level.


***) Power of Chaos

The sword grants his wielder bonuses:

- 3rd level: +1 Strength

- 7th level: +1 Strength, +1 AC

- 13rd level: +2 Strength, +1 AC

- 25th level: +2 Strength, +2 AC


****) Hunger of Chaos

- 5th level: Leeches 1 HP from target, unless Save vs. Death

- 9th level: Leeches 2 HP from target, unless Save vs. Death

- 17th level: Leeches 1d6 HP from target, unless Save vs. Death

- 29th level: Leeches 1d8 HP from target, unless Save vs. Death (-2)


The progress that sword improves could be simplified, but here's the general idea. Lord of Chaos could of course have more (passive and active) abilities too.


Another nice kit would be a LoTR style druid kit, with a magic staff that improves as character gains levels.




How does that sound like? Anyone interested to implement something like these. I actually did a potion that grant most of those innate abilities with Infinity Engine Editor Pro ages ago, so it shouldn't be impossible... :)

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Spirit Shaman looks great. Maybe you should change 1D6 damage bonus against ghosts to +2/+4 against them (1D6 is more 3rd edition thing).


Lord of Chaos... Loviatar is evil goddess of pain, chaos is her additional domain. Cyric and Talos are better gods for chaotic knight.

And you have to change weapon type to one-handed. If in the moment of summoning chaos-blade you will have off-hand weapon, game will crash.

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I prefer the Spirit Shaman.


I have some Spirit spells that I was thinking of using for a Druid Kit. This seems perfect.


My spells go along the line of long lasting static boons. IE, A Spirit of Healing, stays where you summon it and heals everything in the area for 42hp once a round. Can't move though and you are only ever allowed one at a time. (I have done this via scripting, so it isn't deemed a Celestial)


I would write some of these for you if you are interested.



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I think the Lord of Chaos might be a touch over powered, unless the summoned blade has a short duration and/or can only be summoned rarely. At 9th level, which is about where you start in BG2, such a PC would have a +4 two handed sword, which grants +1 to STR, +1 to AC and might drain 2hp from each attack.


The sheild use disadvantage is lessened by the fact that the blade also provides a bonus to AC.



The Spirit Shaman looks a lot better though. One thing I might alter is the Chastise Spirits power. While it's fine at lower levels, it's going to get insane once you pass the 15th level or so stage and let you blow away some high level enemies in one go. Possibly add new dice every alternate level therafter?

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If you look at existing fighter and druid kits, you'll see that none of them are anywhere near as powerful as either of the kits above.


Both have potential, but both need a little fine-tuning to avoid upsetting the game balance. Also, since spirit shamans tend to deal with "natural" spirits, rather than "supernatural," perhaps it would be more appropriate to give the spirit races as something like dryads, sirenes, elementals, and mephits, and leave the shadows and liches out of it. Basically, undead are a province of their own.


By the way, that configuration would also increase this kit's usability in tutu... you run into a lot of dryads and sirenes.


As for the undead, one of these days, I'm going to get around to coding up a rebalanced kit for clerics of Lathander that offers special bonuses against undead. It would be appropriate from an RP perspective.

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As others suggested, you might want to spread the abilities out so they don't get them all right away, especially for the Chaos Lord. Also, that one might have more disadvantages. (And, incidentally, looks like something Elric of Melnibone might have, so there's existing PnP material to draw from for that.)

As for the undead, one of these days, I'm going to get around to coding up a rebalanced kit for clerics of Lathander that offers special bonuses against undead. It would be appropriate from an RP perspective.
Something more so than DR's Morninglord kit? It gives immunity to level drain and the wizard spell Hold Undead.
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Guest Guest_Ergopad_*

Spirit Shaman:

- Shadows (and liches) are very much spirits and I like the idea that only some of the undead are included, not all. Doesn't Fairies already include dryads and sirenes?

- And about the balance, I think -2 to AC and Saving Throws would do the trick, since Spirit Shaman already has lot of defensive abilities, especially at high levels.

- 9th level Spirit Form could be differ from Blur, like no saving throw bonus but some protection?

- Changing Chastise Spirits' damage from 1d6/lvl to 1d4/lvl would lower the damage (like in NWN2).


Lord of Chaos:

- Chaosblade is a bit too overpowered, especially at the first ten levels, so I might change it to more logaritmic.

- Gotta change it to 1-handed, that opens new options.

- I'd like to make LoC very weak without the blade. Maybe changing the Summon Chaosblade, so that it has infinity uses per day.

- Maybe add some new abilities.

- Possible disadvantages (Comments please!):

  1. Cannot wield ANY other weapons?
  2. Lower weapon proficiency max.
  3. Restricted weapon styles (only 1-handed and Sword&Shield)?
  4. Restricted armor usage (Chain mail max)?


And I'm seriously thinking about changes LoC to a druid kit with a staff (or a club), instead of Chaosblade, that improves and gives bonuses to its wielder (-spellcasting speed etc).


Icendoan, if you have time, could you think about implementing a kit like this?

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Guest Guest_Ergopad_*

And I mean the Spirit Shaman. LoC needs lot of tuning until implemention.


Can you point me some goods links for Kit modding? Or some simple example mods? So I can try things my self, as soon as I get the NPC Stats mod ready and polished.

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CamDawg has a very good tutorial right here, but I can't find it.
It starts here. There are several kit mods here too (Sword & Fist, Song & Silence, Divine Remix, etc.).


Shadows are probably "spirits" but I wouldn't consider liches to be. They're usually evil spellcasters who have managed to preserve their bodies past natural death. Only non-corporeal undead should be "spirits" - like ghosts and wraiths. Maybe invisible stalkers and the like too. I suppose dryads and sirines are like faeries and sprites (which has a similar origin to the word "spirit" in English).


The kit itself probably wouldn't be that difficult, but the time-consuming part would be making all the spells and innate abilities. And the time-consuming part of that is usually making unique icons, since you don't really want to duplicate any existing ones. There's some templates for that in the modders' workroom and elsewhere though.


You could also make the Chaos Blade a scimitar if you wanted druids to use it.

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Why not just make a 2h sword which druids can use?
Druids can't use swords. The only reason they can use scimitars is due to a loophole because they're vaguely similar to scythes and other such "harvesting" implements. Now a two-handed, Grim Reaper-style Scythe of Chaos would be pretty cool, but too bad there's no scythe animation.
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