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Kivan Friendship Talks

Guest Kristal

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How many are there in total? He has been quiet for a while, and I wonder if they are all done.


I too would like to know the answer to this. Kivan's been stuck in my game on P#KiFriendTalk 9 for a while. Even when I change the value of P#KiFriendTalk nothing gets initiated. Does it have anything to do with Reputation level?


Edit: I raised my reputation and it seemed to work. I don't know, however, if that was actually the cause.

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There are about 10 talks iirc, I don't remember if he speaks on odd number, or on even of the variable. Try talking to him via the console. If he speaks on the odd number, there may be a talk 'hanging' in the cue, preventing the timer from advancing. If nothing happens, it's just the timer, or a conditional dialogue laying in wait.

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