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Coran's Portrait

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I don't mean to offend but those portraits (and most of the ones out there of Coran) ... make my eyes bleed. The Owen Wilson one looks really badly patched together in particular; imagining that version as a lady's man is laughable.


Amok's version from the BG1NPC Portrait mod might decently represent a pseudo-slickster elf that's 'too attractive for his own good' per BG1NPC's own description; plus he has that smug look.


Regardless I personally install this into the override for coran replacement portrait:







Fits him much better imo than that... thing that looks like someone stepped on O Wilson's face (especially with CHA enhancement items equipped). I've also been informed the tattoos/face painting on the original portrait are Shadow Thief of Amn markings; makes no sense Coran would be openly sporting such unless he wanted to paint a bullseye on his back (for rival guilds, the Flaming Fist, and the actual Shadow Thieves who are in Baldur's Gate) :undecided:


That version can be found in this mod (not a fan of the other portraits, just the one Coran's seems well suited):












Going by DnD/Forgotten Realms lore, elves and half elves in general should look a little more presentable than what bioware gives us (Kivan gets a few decent portrait choices between default and mods, ironic considering his CHA is the lowest among elven party NPCs)...


Personally recommend this for Jaheira (from Phaere's NPC Portraits mod link: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/57831-phaeres-npc-portrait-pack-v4-a-mod-from-phaere-and-rastor/ )




A nice one I use for Aerie:



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