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Time Conflict

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BGI and BGII are stories that players go through about "The Times of Trouble", hence gods were forced to walk amongst the mortals as avatars, in which as everyone is well known and aware of. (And the creation of wild magic and such)


The year setup for BGII is in around 1369 as I recall, while IWDII is in 1312, in which it is most likely that "the story of the adventurers traveling through the fields of slaughter blah blah" happened 50 years before the Times of Trouble... (Journal Entries will tell the years)


I believe in one of the Peony's automatic random flirting lines, it talked about how Peony's ten toes having each of the magic schools and such, then it talked about the last symbol was wild magic...


So I'm guessing that the NPC mod is suddenly setting the story of IWDII "after" the Times of Trouble? (Not that I'm not grateful for this mod, but I feel bad just not having the right feelings of playing the mod with the wrong.... concept? don't really know the word to describe it.. but its uncomfortable :fish: )


or it's just that I'm too stupid to figure that the years go backwards instead of forward in the Forgotten Realms? PLEASE TELL ME IF I AM WRONG!!!


umm... was it PPG's IWDI NPC mod that talked about Volo? or Jaemal talking to Salomeya mentioning about Volo?


eh... I just don't think Volo could became a famous bard in IWD's age and then still look like 30 yr-old in the Times of Trouble...


He's a human afterall... That means even if he became famous in IWD at the age of 1, he'd be at least 50 yr-old by the time he meet the child of Bhall?

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It's a lore inconsistency, but to be honest, I am not a big fan of the "OMG, we revised our rules, so now Wild Magic is in!" I prefer to think that it was always there, but not tapped into by a lot of mages, and it really fits Peony to be curious about it, so I am using it. If that really upsets you, well, I appologize and stuff, but I don't really want to edit it out. I hope you would understand. That's one reason I am kindda excited about moving to my own setting and my own world history. :fish:

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