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Can't get Yoshimo's Heart

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I am current just before the battle with Irenicus in Spellhold. After the battle, Yoshimo appears as expected. However, instead of being hostile and attacking us, he asks if we need him anymore? It's as if we just kicked him out of the party. All the events up to this point had triggered correctly including everything with the betrayal. This wouldn't matter except when we kill him, he doesn't have his heart to complete the quest. I know I could probably just use the console to put the heart in our inventory but I would rather to have the final convo if there is one.


If it helps, I installed the Fixpack v6 near the end of chapter 2. I tried also uninstalling it after the problem was found and had no luck.


Is there a variable that didn't get set and if there is, anyone know what it is? Any help at all would be appreciated. I really would not have to use the CreateItem if possible.

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He should get yoshimox.bcs and yoshimox.dlg after the cutscene, where Irenicus takes your bhaal essence. Looks like he hasn't in your case.

Fixing it would mean to mess with the savegame, not sure if you want to do that.


I wouldn't mind doing that as long I knew what to do. I downloaded Shadowkeeper and looked at the Auto Save just before the battle but didn't know which variable(s) needed to be changed to what.

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I'm not sure if you can change the necessary things in Shadow Keeper. (I don't use this myself.)

And I can't guarantee you, that it will work as intended.

Make a backup before modifying your savegame.


You would need to change an out-of-party npc.

Look for attributes called "override script" and "dialog file".


In Near Infinity, select Save in the tree, choose the savegame and open the baldur.gam inside. Find Yoshimo in the lower right list. (Name is obfuscated to something like *oshi11.) Click on View/Edit, select the Edit tab, go all the way down in the list to highlight the last entry and again choose View/Edit.

Now you can finally edit the CRE file. Again switch to the Edit tab. Here you first need to find an attribute called "Override script". Change it to yoshimox.bcs. Then look for the "Dialogue" attribute. Set it to "yoshimox.dlg".

Save your changes (you will be asked, when you try to quit Near Infinity or select a different ressource) and try in-game.

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Thanks very much with the info. I'll try it and see. I only used Shadowkeeper as it was at the top of the list of some savegame editors. I remember seeing Near Infinity as well so I'll try that. Thank you for your help and I'll report my progress. I may cut my losses and use the CreateItem code anyway to avoid screwing up the game further. I just mostly want to see what happens.

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You can change DVs and scripts with SK, it just is one hell of a pain in the arse. You have to open your save, export your CRE, get it into the right bit for editing and THEN change those values. And then go backwards.



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