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Is more content still to come?


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Hey Domi :fish:


I can imagine your rather busy with costum content for NWN 2, but I was wondering if you were planning a thirth version for IWD2NPC as well? More specificly, is there any chance version three will add a second good-aligned romance for a male PC? As you know, I thoroughly enjoyed Salomeya as an evil option, mainly because she has a well-established personality, and she is basicly what you would consider a grownup in the sense that she knows what she wants to get out of life and isn't ashamed of her methods. Combined with tastefully delivered adult themes, she just felt "real".

So I was wondering if you felt like creating another well-defined character for good-aligned protagonists, besides Peony?


And yes, I realise I'm very biased against her, which from a writers perspective is a good things :O

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Not really. IWD2NPC is currently on the backburner even for the bugfixes, and I do not forsee doing any new content for it. I've just switched from purely evil writing though in general, having had finished all for the Deathstalker. Atm, it's Kivan's soundtagging, NWN2 Flirtpack in coding, Deathstalker in coding, Nirav for NWN2 Samsara mod and undisclosed non-evil NWN2 mod (but not the Chimeras) in writing. In other words, I am done with Infinity.

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I'm not trying to embarass Domi or anything, but I'd buy NWN2 just for her mods. I have to give credit to Obsidian for making the basics of the game, but a lot of fan-made work is better than the original stuff. I think mod authors generally have more passion for the stories they make, and they don't have time limitations on things that cause them to rush. Most NWN mods were, IMO, better than the original campaigns, and I'm sure the same will be true with NWN2 (although you can't go wrong with making the OC's better, so thanks for that, too). :)



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I don't know about that, after all I am a beginner in the 'create your own game' department. But NWN2 is definetly worth buying for both its original campaign that has some pretty cool stuff in it, and for the fan-made modules, that I hear are pretty good. Not to mention for the Toolset itself, which is awsome. :)

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