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Lunaire Project

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The Lunaire Project has been unveiled. It's a big and ambitious mod for BG2 that will likely take quite some time to finish, but we're in no rush. ^-^


This mod is a unique NPC project. First of all it edits the Bioware NPC's so that they can no longer join the party (one can cheat by using CTRL+Q, but trust me, it won't do you any good). They will remain in the game, so you can still complete your quests, provided they are not required to be in your party. For example, you can do the De'Arnise Keep quest, but you can't do Nalia's Kidnapping quest because she can't join your party.


That is part one of the project.

Part two would be to introduce an entirely new cast of characters to replace the presence of the Biowares. If you were getting tired of the same of Bioware NPC's over and over again, this might be a project for you.


In short, it will include the following:


-15 new joinable NPC's (amount might change)

-6 new romances

-Lots of inter-party bantering and interjections

-Talk sequences with the PC

-New NPC-related quests


-Chatpacks and flirtpacks


I am considering various solutions for issues players have brought up, and have posted polls for this. If you have a concern, solution or a question, feel free to ask. It's always good to hear new angles, because one simply can't think of everything by oneself.


In fact, I am gathering a team to help complete this project. If you feel you have something to contribute and would like to assist, whether it be writing, coding or voicing, then don't hesitate to let me know. There will be some basic guidelines you'd need to follow (which I will provide), but the project offers lots of creative freedom as well. If you have a good idea or concern whilst in the team, please let us know and we'll see if we can put it into the final product. ^-^


The Lunaire Project is hosted at its own home, Cracked Grey Skies, where you will find additional information. Registration is required to post.

The project might be moved to Blackwyrm Lair once enough progress has been made.


As this is a large side-project with absolutely no deadlines, I will not abandon my other mods in progress.

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