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framerate issue


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Hi, I'm running the Widescreen Mod on BG Tutu at 1680x1050. I want to set the framerate to 60 FPS, but the Widescren Mod sets it to 30 FPS. If I use the Tutu Config utility to set it back to 60 FPS, I end up with 60 FPS at a 5:4 ratio and I loose my widescreen resolution. Is there some way I can get Widescreen Mod to set the framerate to 60 FPS? :fish:

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The BGConfig tool allows setting the IA refresh rate, which seems to linked to the parameter "Maximum Frame Rate" in the Baldur.ini file. The default value is 30 and I'm not sure Widescreen changes anything there. As far as I know, if you increase this value, your characters are going to "run" on screen.

There is another parameter in the Baldur.ini, "Display Frequency", that may the one you're after if you want to set the refresh rate of the display in order to match your screen refresh rate.

Read the "Power Users.txt" document in the game directory for explanations.

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