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Sword Coast Keeper, Shadowkeepe, Near Infinity and Infinity Explorer

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Guest PetrusOctavianus

Checking various creatures in Shadow Keeper, I see that no EasyTutu creatures and very few BG2 creatures have any weapon proficiencies listed. SK shows the extended proficiencies from BG2.


However with Sword Coast Keeper, the proficiencies are listed, but not the extended BG2 ones; only the BG1 basic ones (ie Blunt Weapons, instead of Flail/Morningstars, Maces, Quarterstaffs and War Hammers).


Also, in Near Infinity and Infinity Explorer I can't even open the EasyTutu CRE files automatically; it will only display the basic BG1 and BG2 ones, despite pointing to the Tutu directory. These two programs also only shows the basic proficiencies for creatures, but at least NI shows the extended proficiencies for playable characters.


So is it correct to conclude that all non-playable creatures and NPCs, both in BG1, EasyTutu and (with some exceptions) BG2 use only the basic weapon proficiencies?

And if so, if I want to edit creatures in Tutu and BG2, is it better to use Sword Coast Keeper, since that program lists the basic proficiencies?

And what happens if I edit them with SK and give them BG2 proficiencies on top of their basic ones?


I've searched in vain for more info on this, but in vain. Hopefully someone here knows more than me...

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Probably the easiest editor to see these in is DLTCEP (available here under Tools). When you go to Edit > Creature, the BG2 proficiencies (if there are any) will appear on the Effects tab. The "Unused" tab (a misnomer) is where the BG1-style proficiencies are set, and yes, for Tutu and even BG2 this is where they'll be, with the exception of for joinable NPCs. The reason is that it's much more efficient to set them BG1-style unless you need to do something fancy (like Two Weapon Style) since the engine regards them much the same.

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