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Spell Revisions & SCS Spell Tweaks

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The following try to be a simple though exhaustive guide to compare how SR implements SCS's Tweaks within itself.


Spell Tweaks which aren't implemented at all in Spell Revisions are:

- Make individual versions of Spell Immunity Available

- Reduce the power of Inquisitor's Dispel Magic


All the other SCS Spell Tweaks are already handled by SR and don't need to be installed unless you do prefer SCS's version of them.



Allow Spellstrike to take down a Protection from Magic scroll

SR and SCS do the same thing.


More consistent Breach spell

SR's Breach doesn't bypass liches and rakshasas immunities, but SR's Pierce Shield is now a sort of Breach+Pierce Magic, and being it a lvl 8 spell it will affect both liches and rakshasas. As of SR V3 Breach doesn't bypass Spell Deflection/Turning as per SCS.


Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility

Both mods do it in the same way, but SR leaves Pierce Magic and Pierce Shield unaffected by this tweak (they remain single target only/never miss).


Iron Skins behaves like Stoneskin

SR and SCS do the same thing.


Modify the Harm spell so it does damage rather than reducing target to 1hp

SR and SCS do the same thing.


Revert Greater Restoration back to only affecting one creature

SR makes the spell single target but greatly improves its effects.


Blade Barrier and Globe of Blades only affect hostile creatures

SR makes them not affect allies, and it also slightly improves them.


Cap damage done by Skull Trap at 12d6

SR and SCS do very similar things. SCS's Skull Trap deals up to 12-72 points of damage while SR's one deals 20-80, but SR's Skull Trap takes longer to become powerful (1d4 damage/caster level instead of 1d6/level).


Make Minute Meteors into +2 weapons

SR and SCS do the same thing.


Make Power Word: Blind a single-target spell

SR and SCS do the same thing.

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