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problem installing


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Hello, folks.


I've used these tweaks for years now...brilliant.


The problem comes with an old computer. My XP machine is going downhill fast, so I pulled an old WIN98 computer out of the shed. (Oddly, the game looks better on it than on the new one...just because it's a CRT, and not a flatscreen? Maybe). I installed the game with no problem. Patched it. Installed the fixpack with no problem. I even got my newest savegame transfered from one computer to the other.


The tweak pack, however, won't install. It goes through the process of extracting files, but then when the MSDOS window comes up, it just says "Bad Command or File Name." Crap.


So, I'd like to figure out why the tweak pack won't install, for one. Any ideas?


Secondly, I am a little concerned that my savegame will mess up the works, eventually...I used item stacking and such in the creation of the save, and obviously the newly-installed game won't support that. I pulled it up and played for an hour or two...will there be any problems with these new saves?


(At this point, these helmets look damned odd :fish: )


Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them. Thanks to all for the hard work and the improvement of these, my favorite games.

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I thought Win98 couldn't address filenames larger than 8 characters, or it does so in a hokey way anyhow. Does it work if you delete Setup-BG2_Tweaks.bat?


Your old saves should work if you use the same mod components in the same order (which is obviously an issue currently).

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So, Miloch, you're a brilliant man. I guess you knew that :fish:


This is just the sort of insightful comment that I was hoping for. I was totally at a loss.


I didn't do exactly what you said, but your comment led me to examine the files created by the mod. One was the tweaks folder, which had all sorts of stuff in it, and the other was the setup file. The setup file, however, never appeared. Dunno why.


Tonight, I extracted the files on a different computer, then uploaded them into the appropriate folder on the old '98. Even as I write, the tweaks are installing.


Thank you for responding to my query. It helped.

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Well, I don't think I recommended much to help, but glad it's working. Sounds like you just had a corrupted download or something. If you get an "endless loop" while installing a mod, just replace it with a renamed copy of the latest WeiDU.exe from weidu.org. There was a bug in the auto-update routine of some earlier versions.

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