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My Game crashe


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Ok , so before I installed the Tweak pack everything was fine . The game was running like a stars , but when (yesterday) I tried to install the tweak pack and had a bug cose it was trying to auto-update then a member here helped me install it the right way , now my game keep crashing on me . It doesn't crash like at the same area..it depand....I guess that auto-update must have screw up something cose now I keep having the same error coming up : BG SoA encountered an error and must close now , sorry for the dissagreement .


Any idea how to fix this or do I have to re-install the game and BG Tutut....sigh...again... :)

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err....hum seem that I posted this in the wrong section , sorry . Can somebody move it to the right place cose my problem is related to the Tweak Pack not the BG2 Tweak pack...sorry for the error......and hence I won't have to double post . :)

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It's a little difficult to diagnose the problem, and not being the most technical minded of the Gibberlings, I've got no chance there, though if the whole game is crashing, it might be a corrupt or missing file perhaps.



The best idea is to post your WeiDU log so that people can have a look at it and see what's causing the problem.

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