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Easy Tutu Kit Selection Compatability/Replacement

The Angry Druid

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Hello, I'm a Tutu newbie (though I used to install various Balderdash, Avenger and Romance mods) and had some questions.


1) I just installed Easy Tutu, and they recommend installing a mod, Easy Tutu Kit Selection, very early. I see this mod is in Beta.


A) Is this mod compatible with Easy Tutu Kit Selection?

B) Is it intended to replace it or does it make it obsolete? As they both allow Kit selection for BG1 NPC's, though this one obviously is broader (BG1 and SOA + does more than just kits)?


I see you don't have a particular install order, so if compatible, I assume I could install it later, but the Easy Tutu instruction recommend installing mods that can change NPC kits early, shouldn't this hold here as well?


Sorry if those are dumb newbie questions.

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Level 1 NPCs is no longer in beta - please see here for the v1 (this will also be updated on the web page shortly).


I believe it is compatible with EasyTutu NPC Kits, since there was some discussion of this a while back. But it also does the same thing and more, so if you're using L1NPCs to rekit people, there's no real reason to install NPC Kits. But if you're installing both, NPC Kits should go very early in the install and L1NPCs very late (probably last before TutuGUI if you're using that). There are several reasons for that order, but the main ones are that NPC Kits overwrites files (hence the early install order to avoid overwriting other changes) and L1NPCs needs to be installed after kit mods if you want to assign those kits to NPCs. Installing it last also has the benefit of easy reinstalls if you change your mind on something. Not stupid questions - the Tutu mod list (link in my signature) should reflect this if it doesn't already.

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