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familiar 'shapeshifting' in inventory


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I'm playing a heavily modded BGT game. I've never really used familiars much, and I'm not sure if the following is from a mod or not: but I started the game with a ferret that had 75 pickpocketing and Find Traps. This was great, a perfect fit for the PC's personality. Unfortunately, some time in chapter 3 I noticed that the familiar in his inventory had changed to a cat! I want my ferret back thank you. ;P


I'm going to change it back to a ferret via Shadowkeeper. But any idea what might have happened here?




Here is the mod list:


(all most recent versions)


BG2 Fixpack

Restored BG1 Casting Sounds

One Pixel Productions


Berserker Minsc

Gavin NPC

Mur'Neth NPC

Ajantis Expansion

Coran's Friendship

Xan's Friendship Path


Ariena NPC

Kido NPC

Kelsey NPC

Alora NPC

Branwen NPC

Tiax BG2 NPC


Viconia Friendship

deArnise Romance


BG1 NPC Project

Romantic Encounters

IEP Extended Banters

Banter Pack


BG Mini-Quests and Encounters

BG1 Unfinished Business

Dark Side of the Sword Coast

The Grey Clan: In Candlelight

The Secret of Bone Hill

BG2 Unfinished Business

Quest Pack



Ashes of Embers

PnP Celestials

Level 1 NPCs


BG2 Tweak Pack

Sword Coast Stratagems

Sword Coast Stratagems II

BP-BGT Worldmap

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