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share changes you've made to NPCs via this mod


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Love this mod, btw, it really opens the game up for tremendous replayability. I thought it might be fun for folks to share what they've done with it.


Here's my contribution:


Coran as Swashbuckler


In my current game I'm really enjoying Coran as a Swashbuckler.


I know Bioware Coran is a devasating archer. And it's tough to give that up especially given his unnaturally high 20 dex. But personality-wise the Swashbuckler is a great fit for him. The class is pretty fun to play, too. I like him as a swordsman. It's a nice change of pace.


I gave him ** in Scimitar at creation. Next profs: Single Weapon Style. I have him using a buckler.


Also, using the Avatar Morphing Script (available in SCS) I changed his appearance to Fighter. And I changed to his armor colors: main dark purple, minor dark shiny brown). To me, he looks more like a swordsman this way.


I guess I can live with the Bioware portrait... It's horrendous but I'm used to it by now. It seems the developers must have been thinking 'Jester' when they made his. I mean, what's up with the face paint and fatuous grin? It doesn't reflect his personality at all. He's a rake, rounder, ne'erdowell. A ladies man! (Yeah, women are really going to be falling all over him looking like that--in laughter maybe.)


I'm keeping Imoen as a pure thief. So since she's handling the traps and locks, Coran can expend his Thief skill points elsewhere. Since the Swash can't backstab, stealth isn't as important as it otherwise would be for thief (though he could still use it as a ranger does, I realize--in fact as a snipering bowman he doesn't backstab either). Anyway, I decided to put his Thieving skills instead in Pickpocket and Set Traps. Somewhow these skills seem fitting for a rakish Swashbuckler type.


His Strength is not great, that's the main drawback. So I'll probably use the Gauntlets of Ogre Power on him.

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Lemernis (or, as I like to think of you, Lemmiwinks - Gerbil King) for the past few months I've been working on and off to decide what class, kit, proficiencies, etc. to give each NPC in BG1 and BG2, and I'm almost done. I've based my choices on what, to me, feels "right" for each NPC, and also how many of each type of weapon is available in each game. To expand on this, I've tried to make sure that each weapon will be represented to some degree, and also that regardless of your party composition, there'll be enough decent magical weapons to go around. I did this by simply taking a quick look at roughly how many of each weapon type is in the game. The Item Revisions mod will change this to some extent (certainly for BG2), but I think my system should still work.


What I haven't done, and this was in the interests of fairness and non-powergaming, is choose weapons based on what precisely is in the game and when you get it e.g. I haven't said to myself "I'll make sure Minsc has 2* in war hammer by the time I get the Crom Faeyr". My knowledge of both games is quite limited, which I feel has really helped my distribution of weapon proficiencies, since there's no bias. Yes, I am aware that certain powerful items are in each game, but my knowledge of what you get and when you get it really is limited.


I hope that makes sense. I also hope that my picks will allow a complete newbie to the games to use whatever party composition they like and still be okay (although someone who knows the games inside out will probably disagree with me on that). My picks are largely what I'd call traditional e.g. I've mostly just assigned kits rather than changed classes, although Minsc does become a berserker, and I'm allowing any class to use any weapon. I'll post everything here once I've finished working on the last of the NPCs.

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I use it mainly to change Imoen to pure thief or sorcerer depending upon my PC's class and who I want to add to the group.


I also use it to tweak Minsc and/or Valygar re: their choice of weapons and change Valygar's racial enemy to undead - never understood why golems. As a change of pace I'll change Minsc to berserker but not very often. I'm pretty satistified to leave the other npc's as they are.



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Change Minsc into a Barbarian (Since he is Rashemen + he has to low wisdom to actually be a ranger.) and remove his headwound rage (because Headwound Rage + Barbarian Rage = Overpowered).

Change Imoen into a Swashbuckler (In EasyTutu, she gets dagger profiency, I want it to be short sword profiecency.)

Change Khalid so that he does no longer wields two Bastard Swords into battle in Easytutu (becomes Bastard Sword/Long Sword/Mace + shield).

Changes Jaheira so she no longer wields a club into battle in Easytutu.

Changes Coran so he does no longer wield a Greatsword into battle.

Sometimes changes Xzar so he becomes a Wild Mage, but I dropped that Idea a little soon after (especially since the version I was using at that time did not allow me to choose his spellbook).

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Guest PetrusOctavianus

In my game (EasyTutu and Divine Remix installed) I've made the following changes, based on what *feels* right based on the NPCs' personalties:


Montaron changed from Fighter/Thief to Fighter/Assassin. Really suits his personality better, I think.


Khalid loses his Two Weapon Style in favour of his original Long Sword and Shield. I just can't picture Khalid as dual-wielding two Bastard Swords. Furthermore, if I have understood the PnP rules correctly, the secondary weapon should be smaller than the primary one.


Branwen becomes a Battleguard of Tempus. A no-brainer with DR installed.


Minsc has much too low Wisdom and is far too loud, noisy and heavily armoured to be a believable Ranger, so I changed him to Berserker.


Ajantis: I've never played with him, so no changes.


Sefana: Swashbuckler. She relies as much on her charm as on stealth.


Coran: Fighter/Swashbuckler. Male version of Sefana...


Kivan: Archer, of course.


Viconia changed to Nichtcloak of Shar.


Shar-Teel: Remains pure fighter, but I gave her proficiency in Daggers, as well as Long Swords and Two Weapon Style, since in BG1 she is equipped with both Long Swords and Dagger. It seems to me that the BG1 designers pictured her that way based on her original skills and equipment.


Tiax: Forgot to implement it, but he should be a Strifeleader of Cyric/Thief.


Yeslick: I *think* he's a Cleric of Morradin, but I've found no Morradin kit.

Anyone know what deity he follows and if there is a kit available?

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Guest Guest_Viperdan

Well,lets see.I turned Minsc into a fighter(He never really cut it as a ranger for me and i found him being able to cast spells a bit ridiculous...also...his familiar boo never did anything!!)Changed jaheira's weapon proficiencies to 3 points in Quarterstaff,3 in longbow(longbow tweak courtesy of six's kitpack from pocketplane)Changed Yoshimo to a swashbuckler with 2 proficiencies in katana,1 in darts,1 in shortbows.Kept imoen and nalia as dualed thief/mages but changed nalia to a swashbuckler and altered their thief points distribution.They both are now master lock pickers,trap disarmers

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Like many others I changed Ajantis to a cavalier and Garrick to a Jester he just seems like a perfect fit for one and I changed Shar-Teel to a barbarian and Alora to a swashbuckler I think thats about it...In bg2 I keep all the classes the same for everyone


oh actually one last change I change Xan to a Sorc as I hate how he cant use magic missile as his original class :)

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I started a EasyTutu game and went with Imoen, a Swashbuckler. Jaheira, a Ranger/Priest of Talos. Khalid, a Berserker/Mage. Minsc, a Berserker. Dynaheir, a Sorcerer.


... I change Xan to a Sorc as I hate how he cant use magic missile as his original class :)
And what about the Fireball spell then. :laugh:
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I made Xan a sorcerer, like couple others here, and switched Dynaheir to a wild mage. With Sword and Fist installed, I could also switch Kagain to Fist of Order and Shar-Teel to Blackguard, which fit to their personalities pretty well, methinks.


Also would have made Tiax a Strifeleader/Thief, but for some reason my version doesn't recognize Divine Remix, making this impossible.

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I consistently change Viconia into a cleric-thief. I had a very pleasant SoA duet with her and my charname as an Evil human fighter dualed to MU after level 12. Since that time, I cannot see Viccy as a pure cleric any more.


I am trying it with Aerie as well, but its hard to fit the thieving in with her LG personality.

so pleasant for party creation wise, but not as satisfying role playing.

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Most important changes (no matter who is in my team):


- Anomen as Paladin or single-class Cleric of Helm


- Aerie as single-class Wizard


- Cernd as trueclass Druid


- Imoen as single-class Sharpshooter from Song and Silence (thief)


- Nalia as single-class Diviner or single-class Thief


- Minsc as Barbarian without headwound rage


- Valygar as Wizard Slayer (fighter)


Main change is removing absurdal dualclassed characters as Anomen or Nalia. Anomen is young not-yet-knight, so fact that he has 14 levels (7 of fighter, 7 of cleric) when veteran Keldorn has only 7 is quite stupid. Anomen was, thanks to that, too powerful.

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