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BWL: SpellPackâ„¢ beta 5 released!

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After a break from B4 and all those bugs it introduced, I am proud to announce the release of SpellPackâ„¢ B5 in its glory!


Thanks to the vast improvement of the author's WeiDU skills, the installation of SpellPack B5 is much cleaner and friendlier than any of it's previous versions. Most of everything except those spells mentioned explicitly in the components are patched. The mod does not override the projectl.ids and so on. Also, I have more than halved the download size through compressing the sounds to .ogg files and compressing a few animations I forgot to compress in B4. What would have been more than 100 megs is now 45.1 Mb.


SpellPack B5 introduces 15 new components with many spells, not counting the countless fixes from the previous version. They range from a typo in the description of Implosion to a game crashing bug that was triggered when traps were triggered (another reason to disarm them first!).


Some of the spells in B5 are truly spectacular, so I suggest you head over and see the screenshots.


View the readme

Download SpellPack B5 Full [45.1 Mb]

View the discussion forums


For those who already have SpellPack B4 installed, you can download SpellPack B5 Patch (10.3 Mb). Note that while B5 Full is a standalone version, B5 Patch continues to rely on the projectl.ids overriden by B4, although the patch does not continue to override the projectile.ids. Therefore, you are safe to install B5 Patch over other mods. If you are a purist at heart and would like a perfectly clean install of mods, I recommend beta 5 full.



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