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Reloading Game Causes Me to Automatically go to Grove of Ancients

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My girlfriend and I recently finished SoA on multiplayer. All was going relatively good. Everyone carried over to ToB fine. However, after finishing the conversation with Sarevok, trouble started.


The game was saved just after the conversation. Upon reloading, the entire party ended up in the Grove of The Ancients. Unfortunately there was no apparent escape. Kira (my gf's character) didn't have Pocket Plane and we could not find an exit. As well the faces had nothing to say anymore.


From there, we started from a save from before going to the Pocket Plane. We got the Pocket Plane ability. If it happened again, we can just use that from now on. All was good.


However, we were wrong. Upon another reload after saving in Saradush, we ended up there again. Used Pocket Plane and used the exit to get to Saradush. Instead of going to Saradush, we ended back at the Grove again.


Has anyone encountered this before and is there a way to fix it?


As for patches, I have the official ToB patch as well installed the G3 Fixpack after that. Any help would be appreciated.

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Extremely weird. Sounds like the variable controlling the shift to the Grove isn't being updated.


Do your and your GF's computer both have exactly the same mods installed in exactly the same order? It may cause problems if they're not (as I recall).


It might also be helpful to post both WeiDu logs to see if the problem can be detected there.

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