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Time cheat (off topic)


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Did you enable the console? It's not listed in the BG1 IESDP, though it is in the BG2 section (which is the only reason for my assumption, because I've never had the need to test it).


AFAIK, that is the only way to "advance" time in the game. You can't even do it with a mod - you can only set the clock or simulate it advancing.

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I'm assuming Tutu is installed. If not, then yea, I think BG 1 doesn't have that cheat. If so, find w/e baldur.ini file it's using and make sure the cheat line is put in. If you are using easy tutu, it should be right in the tutu folder.

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Just tested it in Tutu. Works for me. Although you need to keep pressing it until it turns to night or day, because it doesn't give any other indication of the time change.


Do you have Vista? I've heard it blocks changes to .ini files sometimes. Do other cheats work? Might want to paste the contents of your baldur.ini if you can't get it to work.

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HAH, I revile vista just on principle!I will go to linux or mac before I ever use it. I only use the console to move around sometimes and create creatures occasionally. Here is the applicable portion of my .ini

[Game Options]


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