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Install problems of BG1 Npc Project on BGT


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during my intallation this error message showed up :



[./override/_vail.cre] loaded, 1216 bytes

Copied [_vail.cre] to [override/_vail.cre]

Copying and patching 1 file ...


ERROR locating resource for 'COPY'

Resource [_tazok2.cre] not found in KEY file:


Stopping installation because of error.



well, I reinstalled Bg1 + TotSC + patch but that doesn't work.


Maybe you can help me, please. That would be nice :)

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Are you sure you have installed BGT first?


The only reason you would get underscore references is if the install thought you were using Tutu. In fact, it found Tutu references, so you must be using Tutu...


Copied [_vail.cre] to [override/_vail.cre]

Copying and patching 1 file ...


if it didn't fail at that, you have tutu resources in your override.


Can you please post your WeiDU.LOG file contents here?

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Oh, no problem - I once had a test install do the same thing!


The safest way to do any of these install/uninstall routines is to compartmentalize, making a backup of your "clean" BG and BG2 installs (vanilla) and dropping them onto a flash drive or another backup space. Then, when something goes wrong, you can just delete the whole folder and restore from backup.


There is a "clean" backup procedure at PPG, in Icelus' old thread, which provides quick backup for both games, I believe. That one unzips the relevant files and the override, but you have to make absolutely sure that the old override and files are deleted, or you get stuff like you did - mods look for a file, see it, and think everything is cool (when you don't have the mod installed).


In general, with a modern computer, I find it just faster to just wholesale delete the old one and drop a clone in place. But older computers, the PPG thread saves you minutes or hours of time.

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