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About new version - like, really important


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So, we got three new components - thanks to Aeryn and Cal Jones, we've got Cernd, Sarevok, and a certain muscular young captain at de'Arnise keep, who doesn't appreciate girls just as much.


I'm planning to wait a few days and then build something suspiciously like v4. I'll check bug/maintenance threads in the workroom, but if you have


1) a new RE component to contribute,

2) a bug/typo report to submit,


please do it now. Like, right now.


Or go play the Wheels of Prophecy, it's new.

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Yeah it's great but it is an *ahem* intimate encounter or just a glass of wine and maybe a chaste kiss?


(Hoping for more than that!) :)


*cough*...it's smut. ??? I hope someday to see a real Sarevok romance completed, but until that day, I am content to let my imagination run wild. :devil:

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Yes, I guess the problem is that ToB is quite short, and he has a lot of other stuff going on (alignment changing dialogues, not to mention banters and other mod content) as well as several variables (does he have the PC's soul fragment or Imoen's, is he oathed or not, is he good or evil..?) - that's enough to create headaches for any writer. So a good hard shag will have to suffice for now. :)

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Amazing what can go right for the guys that used to try and kill female PCs, only to get down to that later on in the next life... lucky bas--- err, nevermind, I said nothing I swear! :laugh::laugh: ... yet. :)


A pity the Imoen idea is already out and about... wait, I didn't say *pity* did I? Argh! :laugh:

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Will take another week, probably - it's been 35C for days, and I've got no air conditioner.



...?! I knew there was something wrong with the climate. O.o I mean, we had an actual *tornado* last weak. The first in... well... ever?


As for the update... Yay for Cernd! ^^'

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These encounters are very simple(the fact it took so much time just shows how badly I code now), and at least with Sarevok and Cernd, me and Aeryn did some thorough testing. (With Captain Cernick, I practically made the guy climb those stairs in de'Arnise Keep twenty times. He SHOULD be tired now.)


So, as soon as I get the green light from Cal Jones about her encounter, I'll pass it along for release, yeah.

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