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Item Revisions Mod in development


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Oh yes, you can bet on it. Unfortunately Mike hasn't got the time to finish his task before going to vacancy, starting from tomorrow I'll try to see if I can use his codes myself and implement them in my internal build of IR. I don't have much time thus I cannot guarantee I'll manage to do it quickly, but having him forced me to dismantle my previously complete version (which was fully overwriting, as in Miloch's worst nightmares) I'm bind to finish IR V1 before I can play BG myself! :)


P.S I clearly have an internal bug, it seems I tend to select "edit" instead of "add reply" quite often. I'm really not accustumed at having the "power" to edit someone else posts! :devil:

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So, ah, where is it? :):(


Actually there is no need to hurry up, I just love beeing the Imp, with the whip.

It's in the hands of cmorgan. I know for sure he has worked on it yesterday, and a new project page and readme are online, but I don't know how long it will take to him to set everything up (download links, moving the forums, ...).
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