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Attention Doom 2 owners: play this mod!


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One of the most technically advanced and professional quality mods ever made for Doom 2 has been released. Featuring seven levels (arranged in a Hexen style hub), a fully fleshed out storyline (complete with personal logs, e-mails, etc), an .ogg / .mp3 soundtrack, voice acting, dozens of new textures, sprites, sounds, etc, and more!


Download: http://nautrup.com/3057/news.html









You'll need ZDoom 2.0.63a in order to play it.



This is only the first part of a six part series, and if you like this, you'll love what's still to come :).


My own contributions to the project include the labs part of the cryogencis/laboratory map (seen in the bottom screenshot), and a a few of the sprites and textures. I'm also going to be working on four or five of the levels in the final hub.

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