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Help in Choosing MODs for ultimate experience.

Guest Alorand

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Guest Alorand

The Baldur's Gate Saga stirs something in me. So it has bothered me for a long time that I had never finished SoA(I stopped after leaving the Underdark) and never played ToB. But now a friend of mine wants to check out the game and I am excited about getting back into it.


But now I also want to get an optimal experience by adding cool MODs which have been released for this Game. I just finished installing SoA and ToB and Patch 26498

I have also started looking at the following MODs:

G3's Fix and Tweak Packs

Tactics Mod

And a few of the other "Fix" mod like G3's Oversight

But my question is should I bother with The Big Picture(“Shadows Over Soubarâ€Â, “The Darkest Dayâ€Â, and “Tortured Soulsâ€Â) or will it distract me from the main story.

What about Ascension? Will I be better off playing through the unmodded end of ToB first?


Are there any other "must have" mods which I am missing?


And If I do end up installing everything, what order should these mods be installed in?


I will me much obliged for your help in making this long overdue play through memorable.

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It depends on whether your taste is for story, tactical or both.



I would probably recommend going through ToB unmodded, just for the sake of difficulty, but if you're happy with your level of skill in the game, Ascension would spice up the story a little more.


I'd also recommend the flirt packs if you were planning to romance one of the standard NPCs, I think it will improve the experience quite a bit.



EDIT: Spelling of "depends"

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Guest Alorand

Thank you for the reply.


"It sepends on whether your taste is for story, tactical or both."

I find that what I enjoy the most are situations with varied, interesting choices that lead to exciting and unexpected consequences. That probably falls under 'both'

Although I am big into storytelling I prefer stories that I have an influence on instead of ones that happen to me.


I was hoping the game was released long enough ago for there to be a single patch like MOD giving a list of options to enable (Kind of like a single install file "BiG World")

I am thinking of playing with just the bug fixes for now.

I noticed that I do the same thing to myself - when a great game comes out with many Mods that add to the gameplay I spend so much time choosing which mods to use I never end up playing the game. :devil:

For example Oblivion - I loved the game, started playing it, then found the mods... downloaded 300+ mods but before I could figure out how to install them all life intervened and I never ended up playing the game.

I think for now it would be better to beat the game quickly and enjoy the main story of SoA ending + ToB instead of bogging down in figuring out MOD install orders.


But if I wanted to throw in one mod(I already installed the G3 Bug Fixes) to make the game better, what would you guys recommend? Right now I am looking at Weimer's Tactics MOD.

Sorry about the rephrased question... I wore myself out by looking at MOD discriptions for 6 straight hours. :)

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I would personally swap out Tactics for SCSII... if you are willing to fight seriously strong AI. Other than that, you have a good runthrough there that will take serious amounts of gameplay/time, and be great - then go back for a second run with some new NPCs and added encounters :)

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