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Please help....

Guest Roy

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Sorry but I'm going mad....


I'm trying to download some mods on my bg2 game

and after the first mod, every other mod that I try get

into a some kind of loop. Some thing in the lines of:


copying bg2_celestials** --> bg2_tweakpack = false.


I tryed this with several different combos and I'm left

without a clue.


Can anyone help?

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Download the latest version of WeiDU, delete setup-<modname>.exe, copy WeiDU.exe to your game folder, rename it to setup-<modname>.exe and run it again.


Someone should just pin this as the first post in every forum - it's coming up almost every day.

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But you want it to autoupdate with a recent copy of WeiDU, so this never, ever happens again. (Unfortunately though, it will happen again the next time someone downloads a copy of a mod with the bugged WeiDU and doesn't have a mod with a newer version of WeiDU present.)

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