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A minor bug with the Cloak of Mirroring tweak

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Due to a small typo in your tp2, the "Remove sphere effect from cloak of mirroring" tweak applies the "Permanent" timing mode to effect #291 which causes the Cloak of Mirroring to remove visual effects from the wearer permanently i.e. even after the wearer takes the cloak off. For example, if you put on the Cloak of Mirroring, then take it off and equip the Shield of Balduran, the glowing disc effect from the shield won't show. To fix this, you just need to set the effect's timing mode to 2 (While Equipped) instead of 1 (Permanent), i.e. this line:


SET ~new_effect_duration~=1


needs to read:


SET ~new_effect_duration~=2


which gives us:


// Remove sphere effect from cloak of mirroring


COPY_EXISTING ~misc01.itm~ ~override/dw#mirrorcloak.mrk~

COPY_EXISTING ~clck26.itm~ ~override~
LAUNCH_PATCH_MACRO ~initialise_spell_effect~
SET ~new_effect_type~=291
SET ~new_effect_target~=1
SET ~new_effect_modifier~=1
SET ~new_effect_duration~=2
SET ~new_effect_dispel~=0
SET ~new_effect_prob1~=100
LAUNCH_PATCH_MACRO ~add_global_effect~


The issue is fairly trivial, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. :)

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