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Making a custom NPC level up on joining


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I would like to know how to make a custom npc level up on joining. I know there are at least two methods. One involves multiple cre files and having the area script or another script create the one closest to pc level. The other is to have one cre file that gets xp assigned to bring it up to the pc level. It is the later that I wish to do.


I've tried looking at some existing npc mods, but haven't found anything that stands out and says that it's dealing with the leveling up. Could someone please explain to me what needs to be done and/or point me in the right direction to an existing tutorial that explains it? The tutorial I have doesn't discuss this topic and this is an important thing in making an npc.


Thanks for the help.

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The BG2 Tweaks component "ToB Style NPCs", Gavin, (since you are a code dude you could also see Nythrun's L1NPCs, but it melts my brain), SCS's '0 level" component - all good examples.


You are right, though - two basic ways out there of doing it - either create multiple .cre files with what you want and summon that version on creation (when the party first enters the area and runs the area script) or allow more player freedom and add experience via script (usually within a certain range of the PC's experience, which is where Nythruns stuff excells).

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