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will Song and Silence work for a game already in progress?


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I don't see any mention in the readme or FAQ about whether Song and Silence works for a game already underway. Will the first component, "Changes to trueclass bards and thieves, and unmodded game kits (required for other components)", alter a Blade PC in a game that's already started? (Just out of Irenicus' dungeon.) And will "Add new bardic store and thief items" add Raoul?

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The store component should work in an existing game, though possibly not if you've visited the area already. Not sure about the kit-changing stuff, but I would start a new game to be safe.


Thanks. Do you think it could actually mess up a vanilla Blade kit? I'm trying to advise a first time BG2 player who's using a Blade. Player is still in Irenicus' dungeon. I guess he could restart if need be.


Btw, can a bard cast spells wearing the Mail of the Dead? (In BG1 I think they could, right?) Which he could get from Ilyich. Or is it only elven chainmail that a bard can cast in?

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Wait a minute--duh! All he needs to do is say no to installing "Changes to trueclass bards and thieves, and unmodded game kits (required for other components)" and install only "Add new bardic store and thief items." Right? Or does he need to install the changes to bards just to get the store?

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