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Small item modification

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I just thought I'd post this here, in case anyone wants it: http://www.zshare.net/download/17512498861c73d1/.


I just modified, for my own personal use, the Black Knight item from Icewind Dale 1. The original summoned a fairly powerful ally that lasted a minute or two, but couldn't take a large amount of punishment. It wouldn't be all that useful past the Severed Hand, though.


My only problem was that it used itself up after a single use. Now, it recharges after resting. One small quirk is that it disappears from the quick slot icon, and doesn't come back when it recharges. You'll have to pick it up and put it back, if you want to use it again. Anyone know any ways around that bug?


I know it's really small, and probably not even worth posting, but I'm quite proud of it, since I only got Near Infinity 5 minutes ago and didn't even look at any documentation :).

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Thanks! :)


@Icendoan: I don't think I'll learn WeiDU until I've made something a little more substantial than a single file you can simply stick in the override folder. I might at some point do an overhaul of some IWD1 and 2 items and maybe some edits of IWD1s random items (For example, why would Kaylessa have her gloves, but not her armor, or her bow), but that'd be a ways off.


@Kaeloree: Thanks, I'll remember that site.


I managed to finally test this thing in combat (never needed it before), and it works very well. The recharging is balanced quite nicely by it's short duration (which I didn't modify). It only lasts a minute or two, which wasn't even enough to stay for the first wave of Cold Wights in Dragon's Eye.

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You probably do want to use WeiDU to install it, because you can set the charges properly that way. They probably won't be set correctly if you just console it in. Adding it to a store, for example, is as simple as:

COPY ~mymod/items/myitem.itm~ ~override~
 SAY NAME1 ~Unidentified Name~
 SAY NAME2 ~Identified Name~
 SAY DESC ~Blah.~

COPY_EXISTING ~store.sto~ ~override~
ADD_STORE_ITEM ~myitem~ LAST #5 #0 #0 ~IDENTIFIED~ #1

The #5 is the number of charges on its first header (you can specify charges on the first three headers) and the #1 is the quantity of the item offered for sale.


If you're patching an existing item though, you should use COPY_EXISTING instead of the first COPY and different code there, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

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BACKUP ~mod/Backup~
AUTHOR ~you~

BEGIN ~Black Knight Item Tweak~

COPY_EXISTING ~item.itm~ ~override~ //I assume there is one, being IE and not having IWD
PATCH_IF SOURCE_SIZE > 0x71 BEGIN //should protect against invalid fixes, Miloch will correct if not :P
 WRITE_BYTE 0x96 2 //Item replaces with used
 WRITE_BYTE 0x99 8 //Recharges on resting


That assumes that it uses the BG2 way of handling items, never having IWD, I wouldn't know.



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